About Us

About Us

Therapy Access Project (TAP) is a nonprofit that assists members of the LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities in obtaining mental health services.


Our work is to reduce the barriers faced by these communities in finding mental health services that fit both the individual’s financial and therapeutic needs and validates their lived experiences.


Starting from the spark to get therapy, we take the burden off of the applicant by getting them all the way up to the point of scheduling their first appointment.
We work with people regardless of insurance status in a process that prioritizes reducing time and emotional labor on the part of our applicants.
We do this by assessing our applicants needs and finding therapists that fit their values. In cases of applicants without insurance we prioritize free and sliding scale therapy.
We make the best recommendations within our power but we understand that not every therapeutic relationship is perfect so we are willing to continue our search after our initial recommendation.

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TAP’s Newsletter

Therapy Access Project’s Newsletter is dedicated to enhancing the accessibility of mental healthcare resources. Our primary goal is to ensure that the information and resources we offer are inclusive and accessible to individuals from diverse backgrounds, including Black, Brown, Indigenous, and Queer communities.

You can expect to find valuable content on:

Guidance on finding a therapist who respects and validates your unique identities and experiences.

Information about available resources like peer support and crisis lines, along with tips on how to use them effectively.

Personal stories and testimonials from the individuals who have benefitted from Therapy Access Project’s services.

Insights into the history of psychology.

Expert perspectives from the therapists we partner with.

Self-care and coping strategies.

Tips to practice solidarity and calls to action.